Teaching Entrepreneurial Journalism

Creating the next generation of journalists requires that we give them a new set of skills: how to operate an organization. Throughout their careers, we expect them to freelance, start new enterprises, and report on businesses. As such, the purpose of this book is to give instructors a starting place.

While we call it a book, that’s not quite accurate in the literal sense. With a subject like this — which can change by the hour — no book will ever be comprehensive, or even accurate. Instead, the solution is an entrepreneurial organization itself that’s tasked with keeping the information within up to date.

That’s also why these pages live on GitHub. While the organization we’re building aims to collect experts to keep this updated, anyone in the world can see what we’re working on, fork it, and offer their own updates. We hope people will!

Current Plans

We’re currently in the earliest planning stages, and invite comment on our working outline.

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